Innomaps is a free platform where you can find useful information to analyze the best options when oppening a new business. 

Thanks to open data public policies, we have been able to map all the legal registered business, calculate demographic densities, categorize neighborhoods by economic positions and more.

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Azuay, Ecuador


Imbabura, Ecuador

Use Cases

Your next business location

Did you know that one reason of small and medium business failure is the lack of a previous analysis?
If you are planning to open a new business, you can use our map to check which are the highest populated areas and if there is a similar business around the area.


Your products' distribution route

Do you manufacture or distribute a product? With our maps you will be able to find the businesses as potential clients that might buy your product. You could also elaborate the most efficient distribution route by considering business locations, public transportation lines and other points of interest


Your next urban economic policy

Are you a policy maker that is looking to improve your city? With our maps you will be able to plan economic strategies for each urban zone by considering the population and spending power distribution



Diego, 31 years old

“It is a useful and effective platform to plan your business growth.”

Ana, 44 years old

“I found the best office inside the city and close to my clients”.

Miguel, 29 years old

“My first coffee shop is a success thanks to the support of Innomaps team.”


You can explore the interactive map by yourself, learn about neighborhoods, local businesses and more!

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